2005 OSCAR PREVIEW: Best Picture


The Breakdown:
The Aviator vs. Million Dollar Baby. I don’t think anyone is going to contest that best Picture is coming down to these two heavyweights. Finding Neverland is fabulous, Ray is great, just a bit too long and Sideways is definitely the comedy of the year, but none of that compares to the epic nature of The Aviator and the brooding emotion of Million Dollar Baby.

While The Aviator certainly has the upper hand here and is the clear cut favorite considering it won Best Picture at both the Golden Globes and the BAFTA Awards, plus the Academy always tends to lean toward the side of the epic film when it is given the chance.

While I personally am rooting for Million Dollar Baby as it is my favorite of the year look for The Aviator to pull this one off as it is the highest nominated film with 11 and the last time a film was nominated 11 times, it won all 11.

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