2005 OSCAR PREVIEW: Best Director


The Breakdown:
Before I saw Million Dollar Baby there was no doubt in my mind that 2005 was finally going to be Marty Scorsese’s year at the Oscars, but Clint Eastwood is making a strong run for the bucket, especially with his earlier win at the Golden Globes.

Despite being nominated four times, now a fifth, for Best Director the elusive award always seems to fall in someone else’s hands, but this year has got to be Scorsese’s year doesn’t it? The Academy has been known as of late to reward those that deserve it whether the current nomination is their most deserved or not, consider the Lord of the Rings sweep last year, which pretty much was a reward for three straight year’s of fantastic films.

Clint Eastwood, on the other hand, has won an Oscar only once, so who is to say he doesn’t deserve another, especially considering that was 12 years ago for Unforgiven.

As for Hackford, Payne and Leigh I don’t think there is much of a chance. The emotional element of Million Dollar Baby and the grand scope of The Aviator fall directly in line with Academy honors making them the definite front-runners. While the tragic story of Vera Drake, the biting comedy of Sideways and the brilliant performances of Ray are all told through the eyes of the director, competing against Scorsese’s The Aviator and Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby is a tough task.

I would look for Scorsese to take this one, but Eastwood has got to be only a hanging chad away from taking the top spot.

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