2005 OSCAR PREVIEW: Best Supporting Actor


The Breakdown:
With Clive Owen taking the Golden Globe and Morgan Freeman the SAG Award it is pretty much obvious who our top contenders are… but is it really?

Owen and Freeman may have already etched their names at the top of the list, but this is one category that should definitely not be looked at too quickly as Thomas Haden Church stands a very good chance at bringing this one home.

Personally, I would pick Morgan Freeman all the way, but last I checked my opinion doesn’t matter. I do not think Owen will be able to pull off the upset he did at the Globes, even though he just won the BAFTA, and Alan Alda and Jamie Foxx are in the “happy to be nominated” category as my belief is that this race comes down to Church and Freeman, and if you ask me the brooding nature of Million Dollar Baby just may be the one thing that earns Freeman this award.

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