‘Eucalyptus’ Production Postponed


Fox Searchlight announced today that their production, Eucalyptus, has been postponed for further work on the script.

The film stars Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman, and together, along with writer/director Jocelyn Moorhouse and producer Uberto Pasolini, issued the following statement:

“Despite everyone’s efforts during recent days and weeks, the script of Eucalyptus needs more work. Unfortunately our availability prohibits us from completing this work at this time. Therefore, we have agreed that the best thing to do is to postpone shooting until the project’s foundation is solid. The postponement in no way lessens our passion to bring Murray Bail’s beautiful Australian novel to the big screen. We would like to thank and acknowledge the combined efforts of the cast and crew that have readied the picture to this point. We are confident that when the time is right this extraordinarily talented and dedicated Australian production team will once again find a way to be on board.”

In order for Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman to be a part of this low-budget Australian production, there was a small window within which both were available. Pre-production elements were accelerated to try to meet this opening, but unfortunately the time was not sufficient. Searchlight plans to remount the film when schedules permit.

Said Fox Searchlight Pictures President Peter Rice: “After consulting with all the creative elements involved in Eucalyptus, we have collectively agreed that the screenplay is not where we need it to be. For that reason, we are postponing the production.”

Just when production will get started again was not available, and with the demands on both these actor’s time it may be a while before this one hits the big screen, if it does at all.

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