EXCLUSIVE: Check Out a Clip from March 2nd’s ‘Alias’


Tonight the hit show “Alias” on ABC finds Sydney (Jennifer Garner) becoming infected with a mind-altering and potentially deadly hallucinogen, causing her to slowly lose touch with reality. Vaughn and Jack must scramble to find an antidote before Sydney’s hallucinations, paranoia and resultant violent behavior threaten her life and the lives of those around her.

But I am not here to preview tonight’s episode, instead we have been granted a clip from the March 2nd episode in which two old enemies return, Sark and Anna Espinosa, three weeks in advance!

Below you will find your first look at a clip from the show in which Sark is seen trying to help Sydney and Vaughn on their mission. Along with the clip are two new pics from the episode as well!

Enjoy, and tune in to “Alias” on Wednesday nights on ABC at 9/8 Central.



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