‘Predator 3’ Scoop… Could it be?


Considering several people have now sent this news in to me it must be something that others will be interested in as well.

The fellas over at LatinoReview received a little scoop on a possible Predator 3 recently giving word on a potential “restart” to the whole series, and while it sounds like an extremely bad idea to me that would make Predator 2 look like an Oscar winner, here is the story.

Without getting my own ass in trouble, here’s a smallish bit of news. Twentieth Century Fox are in talks with Johnny McTiernan to do a new Predator film – not a sequel, not a remake, not a prequel; more of a restart. There’s talk – based on a treatment that’s floating around the traps – that it might fix on Dutch’s (the guy from the first film, Arnie played) grown-up commando kid.

John Cena’s (one of Vince McMahon’s kids) name has been branded about for the lead – but it’s early days. They apparently want to coax JMT away from The Thomas Crown Affair sequel, have offered him this hoping it’ll do trick.

I had not yet heard McTiernan’s name attached to the Crown sequel so I am not sure how accurate this news is, but if you ask me this does not sound like the making’s of a story that will “restart” the Predator franchise, rather it sounds like the final nail.

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