‘Halo’ Vid Finds a Scribe

Alex Garland, the man behind the novel that spawned DiCaprio’s The Beach and last year’s horror 28 Days Later has been tapped as teh scribe for Microsoft’s popular video game franchise Halo as he has been assigned the duties of putting the two games to paper for one movie.

Considering the two games differ in location and objective this may be a tough ordeal for not only Garland, but for gamers to accept but once the script is done, it will be offered to studios as a complete “turnkey” script and rights package.

Variety reports that the strategy is being put into motion by ex-Columbia Pictures President, Peter Schlessel, who is also expected to become a producer in some capacity on the “Halo” film.

While I have never actually played a minute of the Halo vid I do know it is one of the most popular videogames of all-time considering it has sold over 12.8 million units and grossed approximately $600 million since its 2001 debut. Last year, “Halo 2” sold 6.4 million copies and was the second-bestselling vidgame of the year.

Obviously, considering the scribe for the film has just been tapped, there is no storyline as of yet, but aliens and acion are expected to be placed in the forefront.


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