‘Pirates’ Sequel Synopsis


Via ComingSoon.net we now have confirmation on the title for the second Pirates of the Caribbean sequel as well as the synopsis of the film.

In Monday’s Walt Disney Investor Conference Studio Presentation, studio Chairman Dick Cook announced that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is indeed the title of the second film and he was quoted as saying, “This time around, Johnny returns as Captain Jack Sparrow and is caught in yet another tangled web of supernatural intrigue. It turns out, Captain Jack owes a blood debt to the legendary Davey Jones, ruler of the ocean depths and captain of the ghostly Flying Dutchman. If Jack can’t figure a crafty way out of this one, he’ll be cursed to an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation. And as if that weren’t enough, Captain Jack’s problems throw a huge wrench into the wedding plans of the blissful Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who quickly find themselves thrust into Jack’s misadventures.”

The film has already amassed a large list of names for the cast as has the third in the trilogy, to check it out click here, and stay tuned as more updates arise.

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