Owen Options ‘Zoloft and Peace’

Owen Wilson is taking the first step towards something other than just starring in a film as he has put forward his own money to purchase the rights to journalist John Falk’s book “Hello to All That: A Memoir of War, Zoloft, and Peace,” published by Henry Holt.

Wilson plans on starring in and producing the adaptation as he looks to set it up at a studio, plus it is also up in the air whether he will write the screenplay himself or hire a scribe.

Falk’s story tells how he rallied from a near-suicidal state of depression by plunging himself into Sarajevo at the height of the civil war in 1993. He went armed with primitive recording equipment, clothes and a tube sock stuffed with the anti-depression drug Zoloft. He knew nothing about reporting and had no outlet for his dispatches. One family took pity on him and gave him his first big scoop, an interview with a Bosnian sharpshooter. Falk, in turn, helped the family by securing scholarships to U.S. colleges for their teenage kids.


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