New ‘Tideland’ Pics and Interviews Online

I don’t know much about Terry Gilliam’s Tideland feature other than the fact that it features the likes of Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Tilly and Gilliam-found newcomer 10-year-old Jodelle Ferland.

A while back a batch of stills surfaced on the net, but now we get even a further look at some stills and behind-the-scenes shots from the film courtesy of Dreams.

To check out the pics along with some exclusive interviews the site has click here.

Tideland is currently in post-production over in London. The story follows Jeliza-Rose (Ferland) as she drifts from the harsh reality of her childhood and escapes into the fantasies of her own active imagination. Her closest friends and confidants are the doll’s heads she wears on her fingers, which is shown in the teaser pic above. Click here for more on the film including additional articles.


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