Owen’s Bond Chances Increasing with Globe Win?


Clive Owen was a shocker win for me, as he brought home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor at Sunday night’s events. My surprise was not due to his lack of ability and his greatness in his role in Closer, but because he was a large underdog going up against Thomas Haden Church and Morgan Freeman, but he won and it already seems to have his name floating around town upping his worth and his appeal.

Reuters UK is running a story in which an Owen spokesman said, “Since winning the Golden Globe, we have had a succession of calls from punters who think he would make an excellent Bond.”

His appeal has grown that betting companys have priced Owen as a 4-1 favorite, from 8-1 that he will be the man wearing the tux.

Personally I think Owen would make a fine Bond but the Reuters story still puts Van Helsing actor Hugh Jackman as a 2-1 favorite to take over the role followed by Ewan McGregor at 7-2.

Do these figures mean anything? No, but they are fun to report nonetheless.

If you are thinking Owen will soon be priced too high for the role as we head into Oscar season, don’t count on the thesp pulling down the Golden Knight in the same category he did in the Globes. While his performance was a good one I don’t see him beating out the comp… but who says I know anything? I love an underdog as much as anyone, and Owen has proved to be a fabulous actor over the course of his career.

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