Stern Script Picked for ‘Toy Story 3’


So Disney Feature Animation is moving along on Toy Story 3 without longtime companion Pixar Studios, and now it seems they have finally settled on a script.

Variety reports that the screenplay penned by Jared Stern has found its way to the top fo the pile, adn while the storyline is very “hush, hush” Stern’s new take is expected to advance the Toy Story franchise by taking the characters on the road and out of Andy’s room.

While Disney and Pixar have not completely severed ties, they can still work together on sequels to their past hits, but Pixar turned up their noses at the thought of another Toy Story, so Disney is going at it alone.

Another scribe will be brought it to polish Stern’s script, then the work turns to casting the voices. I have to wonder if they will be able to get the big names back in the seats for the third installment. Woody and Buzz just wouldn’t seem right without Hanks and Allen would they?

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