Sargent to Spin ‘Spider-Man 3’

Variety is reporting that Sony Pictures Entertainment has made a seven-figure, yup seven-figs, deal for Alvin Sargent to pen the script for Spider-Man 3.

Sargent received full writing credits for the second film and even helped a tad on the first, but now he has number three to himself with an option to write the fourth movie as well. What, what, what? A fourth film? So it may not end after three?

If you are unfamiliar with Sargent, you may find that you are a bit more familiar than you know as he began his writing career with the TV show “Route 66” and is a two-time Oscar-winner for Ordinary People and Julia. Still not too sure you know who he is? Well how about the Richard Gere and Diane Lane steamer, Unfaithful? Yeah, you’re on board now.

While the storyline for the third Spider-Man film has not yet been disclosed the story itself is ready for Sargent to do his work as Sargent, along with director Sam Raimi and his brother, Ivan Raimi have that part of the work completed.


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