Foxx for Tyson and News On ‘X-Files 2’?


While covering the 10th annual Critics’ Choice Awards on Monday USA Today was able to catch a couple of goodies from some loose lipped thesps about some interesting upcoming projects.

First off Jamie Foxx, undoubetdly the male star of the year, let slip that he’s interested in starring in another biopic: about disgraced, ear-chomping boxing champ Mike Tyson. He’s already having his team look into acquiring the rights to Tyson’s story.

Secondly presenter David Duchovny said he spoke to X-Files creator Chris Carter earlier in the day about their long-awaited X-Files follow-up, which they expect to shoot late this year or early in 2006. “It’ll be a stand-alone horror movie,” Duchovny said. “Mulder and Scully investigate one particular case that has nothing to do with alien life. It has to do with supernatural stuff.”

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