‘Mindhunters’ Site Goes Live


Go figure, yet another Dimension Films release has been delayed, and delayed, and delayed. Mindhunters, a film starring Val Kilmer, LL Cool J and Christian Slater was originally due out last year, then March 11, 2005 and now another tentative date of May 13th, but don’t take that to heart until you actually see it in theaters.

Either way, thanks to our scooper, ‘thebatsignal’, we learn that the official site for the film has gone live and you can check it out by clicking here, or the image above.

The film features a story about a killer hiding inside a group of eight young FBI profilers learning to hunt serial killers. As one by one the agents begin to disappear, none can be trusted. Each one is under suspicion. And they are all in mortal danger until, in the ultimate test of their crime-solving skills, they uncover the mysterious predator lurking in their midst.

You can also get a look at the trailer in our trailer gallery.

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