Stahl On for ‘Cool Breeze’

Personally I didn’t think much of Nick Stahl in Terminator 3, but in my recent viewing of Carnivàle my opinion has changed, not to mention I already am a huge fan of him in Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City as Yellow Bastard, even though I have only seen the trailer.

But let’s push that stuff to the side now as Nick has just signed on to star in A Cool Breeze on the Underground for New Line Cinema.

The adaptation of the Don Winslow novel will be directed by both Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber and production is expected to begin this spring for a 2006 release.

The story is a mystery in which college student and private investigator Neal Carey is sent to England to locate a senator’s missing daughter. On top of that, if the film is a success it may prove to be the start of a new franchise for New Line seeing how the Carey character appeared in four subsequent Winslow novels, most recently “While Drowning in the Desert” in 1996.


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