Was 2004 the Year of the DVD?


It is undeniable that the DVD Video format has changed the way consumers view movies and spend their money.

Tuesday has become a bright spot on the calendar for many people as they anxiously await the opportunity to run to Best Buy to purchase the latest DVD releases and 2004 offered up so many options for people to finally clear their Most Anticipated DVDs list that it is absolutely undeniable that 2004 was the biggest year in DVDs ever.

With such releases as the Star Wars Trilogy and the first three seasons of Seinfeld on DVD that several home video fans were able to finally breath a little easier, yet now it is a waiting game until the rest of the “Seinfeld” series comes to DVD and just what will Fox have in store once all six Star Wars films are on DVD?

2004 also brought us a ton of greats such as:

Enough titles for you? Well as of right now there isn’t a lot to brag about for 2005 but we have put together a very short list of early titles you may be interested in putting on your Wishlist. Hopefully as the year goes on this list will grow.

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