THE BEST OF 2004: 6-10


In our efforts to string out oor favorite films of 2004 I have broken up the top ten into two separate articles starting with numbers ten through six, so let’s work our way down the list.


There is no way not to appreciate Quentin Tarantino‘s second effort in the Kill Bill series, a series in which many doubted the underlying reasons as to why it was broken out into two parts, but were very much given the answer when the polar opposite Kill Bill: Volume 2 hit theaters.

Volume 2 took a much more dramatic approach to the story of The Bride and her path of bloody revenge. Building off the action-packed and bloody escapades she took us on in 2003 Uma Thurman gives the performance of her life as does David Carradine who in an interview with RopeofSilicon when asked where the film ranked in his career it was easy, “Number one,” and while it falls in at number 10 on our list it is a definite must see.

For more on Kill Bill: Volume 2 and to buy the DVD click here.


There is no forgetting Mel Gibson‘s biblical interpretation of the final days of Jesus Christ as his epic The Passion of the Christ stirred up emotions, controversy and wallets on its way to $370 million at the domestic box-office.

I have yet to watch the film again due to its intensity, but there is no denying that this is a brilliant piece of filmmaking. Gibson poured his heart and soul into a powerful and emotional story that touched the heart of many and stirred up enough controversy to get people talking.

Jim Caviezel certainly gave it his all in bringing such an iconic being to life, making The Passion of the Christ number 9 on our list, click here for more on the film and a chance to buy the DVD.


As far as great films go there is something about Closer that I cannot get out of my head. As I was watching this movie I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing and if you had asked me what I thought of it immediately afterwards I am not sure what I would have said.

It was after I had some time to think about it and realize that the whole story was continually going through my head that I finally realized just how good this movie actually was. Combined with excellent directing on the part of Mike Nichols and four terrific performances turned in by Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Clive Owen Closer is a must-not-miss for the adults in the audience, since this certainly isn’t a film for the young ones.


Yeah, yeah, I know you probably expected Sideways to be my main comedy for the list but Spanglish had me in stitches the entire way through, and while Sideways certainly has a much larger push for such ideals as Academy Awards and the top crix picks, Spanglish is the one I am sticking with.

During my review of the film I was so busy complimenting James Brooks for his writing and direction that I really didn’t give proper notice to the acting in this film, primarily that of Téa Leoni who goes so far from her normal role that you would only expect her to fail and be awkward, but she doesn’t and she proves she has the chops to be up at the top.

Along with that Cloris Leachman adds the experienced wit and Adam Sandler and Paz Vega provide the voice of reason so well that the whole film just meshes together like a comfortable pair of my Christmas slippers.

For more on Spanglish click here.

6. RAY

While I believe Jamie Foxx‘s acting in this film is certainly the best of the year the length of this film is what keeps it down here at number six as opposed to being in my top five.

Jamie Foxx managed to capture the essence of Ray Charles in this film to the point where an unknowing bystander just might not know it was Foxx at all, that fact along with a powerful storyline and magical music make Ray a wonderful movie that is sure to lead a big life on DVD with its pending February release.

For more on Ray, click here.

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