Portman Asks to Remove Full Frontal Nudity

Natalie Portman isn’t exactly worried about being nude apparently as there will be some topless shots of her in her latest film Closer in which she stars as a stripper for director Mike Nichols, but she does seem to have a problem with the full frontal nudity that was filmed and according to IMDB.com she has asked to have the scenes removed.

Nichols is very protective of the 23-year-old beauty and agreed the topless footage was acceptable, but decided raunchy shots of her fully nude were gratuitous and should be deleted from the drama. Portman explains, “He wants to see my bare ass much less than (even) my father would. He’s as or more protective of me than my parents are. So doing sexual, physical stuff for him felt very uncomfortable.”

Closer is described as an uncompromisingly honest look at modern relationships telling the story of four strangers (Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen) and their chance meetings, instant attractions, and brutal betrayals. It is set to hit theaters December 3, click here for pics from the movie as well as some trailers.