Elektra Caught Kissing Typhoid Mary


USA Today has got the exclusive first look at Elektra‘s villain Typhoid Mary just about to deliver the kiss of death to Jennifer Garner in the upcoming Daredevil spinoff Elektra.

Typhoid Mary, played by Natassia Malthe, is the numero uno villain to Garner’s Elektra in the film and is described in the article as a normal woman, but at night, her eye color changes and she becomes a knife-wielding psychotic capable of spreading typhoid with just her breath. “She can kill with her touch or by kissing or even blowing kisses,” teases Malthe, 26. “If she walks through a forest, everything withers around her.”

The kissing scene was filmed over two days in the woods on a bed of dead leaves. “I basically had to float through the air, landing on top of her,” says Malthe, a former ballet dancer. “But this is not a sexual act. I want to kill her.”

To get a slightly larger look at the picture click here, but stay tuned as I am sure we will have a full size image within the week.

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