McConaughey & Caine Join Johansson’s Brilliant ?


MTV kind of found some news by accident when the Movie Blog’s Shawn Adler recently spoke to Sir Michael Caine, and the veteran actor told them he might be appearing in an adventure film with Scarlett Johansson. That film is actually a heist thriller called Brilliant, being produced by Relativity Media, which was mentioned in passing in a recent story about the production company in Variety.

The fact that Caine was looking at a role in the movie is newsworthy, but even moreso is Caine letting slip that the one and only Matthew McConaughey will be starring opposite Ms. Johansson, something that had not been made public knowledge as of yet. Now an actor “letting slip” the casting of a movie they themselves haven’t been confirmed to star in is not exactly the most reliable source for news, but it is interesting if this proves to be true.

You can read the rest of their story here, but one can expect this movie is moving forward with casting and should be starting production soon.