SDCC: Tron 2 Footage Screened!


Disney surprised Con-goers in San Diego on Thursday with debut footage of its highly anticipated sequel to 1982’s Tron. The footage began with an update of the popular lightcycle duel from the original film.

A blue figure – obviously on the run – is being tracked down by a yellow figure on a cycle. The blue figure dives forward with a bar in hand. Around the bar – and figure – a super sleek blue lightcycle forms and the chase in on.

The figures are cool updates of the 1982 warriors. Gone are the glowing blue/red/yellow faces, now replaced by helmets with clear facemasks housing what looks like holographs of human faces.

The cycles dip and dodge through a translucent, multi-level track that appears both digital and organic. The blue cycle is forced down a narrow crevasse between two ledges while the yellow bike takes the high road. The blue cycle emerges at the end of the path only to be cut off by the yellow bike’s ‘laser trail’. The blue bike smashes into a million pieces sending the blue rider flying in slow motion and flipping through the air. He lands and skids to a halt.

All of this activity is being observed from a high, cliff-side structure by a human figure – an older, bearded Kevin Flynn! Played again by Jeff Bridges, a very serene looking Flynn appeared first in a meditative position in the center of a large room. He arises, then walks to the window and peers down onto the action below.

The yellow figure ‘retracts’ his lightcycle walks over to the downed blue figure… and finishes the job.

The footage ended with a ‘2’ appearing in the traditional Tron font and the TR2N emerging around it. The TRN faded away leaving the 2 alone on the screen again.