Paramount Takes College Football Comedy Red Shirts


Veep Stars Matt Walsh and Timothy Simons have sold a spec script to Paramount.

Paramount Pictures has picked up Red Shirts, a college football comedy

Paramount Pictures has picked up Red Shirts, an original college football comedy that was scripted by “Veep” stars Timothy Simons and Matt Walsh. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, although no plot synopsis for the film is, as of yet, available.

On “Veep,” Simons plays White House liaison Jonah Ryan while Walsh plays Mike McLintok, the VP’s Director of Communications. The acclaimed HBO series recently completed its fourth season.

On the big screen, Simons recently appeared in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview as well as Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice. Walsh, meanwhile, has starred in comedies like Ted and The Hangover and in the recent found-footage disaster thriller Into the Storm. He’s also slated to appear in Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters, due out next summer.

Although Simons’ sole writing credit was for “The Nanny,” a short film that he also starred in, Walsh has a bit more experience on the other side of the camera. He directed and co-wrote the comedies High Road and A Better You (written with Josh Weiner and Brian Huskey, respectively), among other projects.

Red Shirts will be produced by Red Hour Films.

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