CS Video: Josh Gad on the Return of Olaf for Frozen 2

CS Video: Josh Gad on the Return of Olaf for Frozen 2

Josh Gad on the return of Olaf in Frozen 2

Disney Animation’s Frozen was one of the company’s biggest hits, their third-highest grossing movie with $1.274 billion earned in 2013 as it broke a number of records, introducing young moviegoers to beloved new characters like sisters Anna and Elsa and their mascot snowman Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad.

Fans of the movie were able to get more of their favorite characters in the short Frozen Fever which was shown before Cinderella earlier this year, and that was right around the time Disney announced a sequel, tentatively called Frozen 2.

Earlier today, ComingSoon.net spoke to Gad at the junket for the Sony action-comedy Pixels (more interviews coming soon) and we asked Gad whether he’s started doing any work on that sequel yet or heard anything, and this is what he told us (as you can watch in the interview below):

“It’s already been announced and I know that they’re actively developing it. I think it’s still a bit away. I think that the creative team is really taking their time to define how to top that story. The more I hear about it, the more excited I’m getting and I think it’s going to be wonderful.” 

Look for more with Josh before Pixels is released on July 24.


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