Pitch Perfect 3 is on the Way with Original Writer Kay Cannon

For what has to be one of the most dark horse mega-franchises of all-time, Pitch Perfect 2 has now scored over $250 million (and counting) worldwide on a $29 million budget, and inevitably Universal Pictures has sang to The Hollywood Reporter that they’re developing a trilogy capper for the a-cappela Bellas with the writer of the first two films, Kay Cannon.

There’s no word about whether Universal and production company Gold Circle will lure back producer and series champion Elizabeth Banks to direct Pitch Perfect 3, and stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be able to do some hardball negotiating since there’s no option on them for a third movie. The studio did have some foresight, though, having signed Hailee Steinfeld to multiple films, so it looks like Emily Junk will definitely be rejoining Beca Mitchell and Fat Amy for one more glorious sing-off.

Cannon, an Emmy-nominated writer and actress with a heavy improv background, is also known for her work on NBC’s “30 Rock” and Fox’s “New Girl.”