Will Smith, The Last Pharaoh ?

Sun Media talked to screenwriter Chris Hauty (Never Back Down), who is polishing a script by Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress) called The Last Pharaoh, which is at Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertaiment production company.

The film centers on Taharqa, who was king of Egypt (from 690 BC to 664 BC) and a member of the Nubian or 25th dynasty of Egypt. He was the son of Piye, the Nubian king of Napata who had first conquered Egypt, and the younger brother and successor of Shebitku. The story is about Ethiopians battling Assyrians for the throne of Amun-Ra.

“It’s an open writing assignment from Will’s company. It’s something he’s taken a big interest in,” Hauty said.

The actual “last Pharaoh” was Cleopatra VII, of course.


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