The Conjuring Creative Team Takes on The Entity Remake


Entity Remake
With his Furious Seven doing massive business at the global box office, it seems The Conjuring‘s James Wan has yet another tale of supernatural terror on the way. According to a story today at The Hollywood Reporter, Wan will produce a remake of director Sidney J. Furie’s 1982 feature The Entity. That film was based on the 1978 novel of the same name by Frank De Filetta. Currently published by Valancourt Books, the tome is, in turn, inspired by a series of events that were said to have occurred in 1974. It is officially described as follows:

Carlotta Moran, a young single mother with three children, suddenly has her life turned upside down when she begins to be attacked in her bed each night, violated by a spectral rapist. This brutal unseen force makes attempts on her life and terrorizes her children, but the worst part is that no one believes her. Among the skeptics is psychiatrist Dr. Sneidermann, who believes Carlotta is psychotic, a danger to herself and her children who should be committed. But two graduate students in parapsychology have a different theory: that Carlotta is being tormented by a powerful entity from beyond our reality, outside space and time. The tension builds to an electrifying conclusion, and the truth may be far more frightening than any of them ever imagined…

The Conjuring scribes Chad and Carey Hayes will provide the screenplay for the new take, which also has Roy Lee (The Woman in Black, The LEGO Movie) producing. Wan is not planning to direct, although he’ll be back in the genre soon as he’s about to begin The Conjuring 2, set for release June 10, 2016.

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