EXCL: Kurt Wimmer Adapting Metal Gear Solid ?


On the red carpet for Sony’s upcoming Vegas crime caper 21, appropriately held at Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Casino, ComingSoon.net had a few minutes to chat with the film’s producer Michael De Luca–who mentioned that he was a fan of the site–and we talked with him about his new movie plus a few of his projects in the works.

There have been a lot of video game movies in recent years of varying qualities, but one game that seems almost perfectly suited for the cinema experience is Konami’s “Metal Gear Solid” and now that the writers strike is over, De Luca and Columbia Pictures can get back in gear (ha ha) and move forward with bringing the game to the big screen.

A few years ago, when Kurt Wimmer’s action sci-fi flick Equilibrium came out, fans of the video game were clamoring for him to direct a movie based on the video game, and at the red carpet, De Luca told ComingSoon.net that they hope to meet with Wimmer in the next few weeks to talk about him writing the script (and presumably directing), so hopefully there’ll be an announcement and more development with this project soon.

21 opens on March 28 and you can read more with De Luca and the entire cast right here on ComingSoon.net in the coming weeks.