Danny Trejo Says Machete Kills Again in Space Will be Made


Machete Kills Again in Space

The 2013 goofball sequel Machete Kills got slaughtered at the box office, and even for a relatively inexpensive film wound up deep in the red, but apparently that won’t keep the studly Mexican down. Star Danny Trejo tells Halloween Daily News that the ex-federale WILL get the women and kill the bad guys… in space. 

“Robert and I are going to start to do ‘Machete Kills in Space,’ so that’s going to be awesome,” says Trejo. “Absolutely. We’re going to be working on it this year.”

Of course, the spoofy idea for Machete Kills in Space was fleshed out in a short fake trailer tacked on to the end of Machete Kills, and boasts the return of Michelle Rodriguez’s Luz along with a handful of yet-to-be-determined celebrity cameos that have become the series’ trademark. 

The character of Machete himself was born out of a fake trailer Rodriguez made for his 2007 pastiche movie Grindhouse, which was meant to poke fun at shoddy direct-to-video exploitation fare, but given the poor reception of Machete Kills (a paltry $8 million domestically) it’s hard to imagine Machete Kills Again in Space being anything other than a low-low budget, direct-to-VOD affair.

Rodriguez, who hasn’t had a film gross more than $40 million in over a decade, could use a hit and is currently at work on his long-gestating live-action adaptation of Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s animated cult classic Fire & Ice. He also still owns the rights to Mike Allred’s comic book hero Madman, which he’s been developing since 1998. 

Meanwhile Trejo, no stranger to exploitation fare, will appear in over twenty film projects in 2015 alone, including a guest spot on the Rodriguez-produced “From Dusk Till Dawn” series.