Avengers: Age of Ultron – A Look at the Full Cast, Part 1


Avengers: Age of Ultron cast

A Detailed Look at the Cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron – Part 1

Marvel Studios is bringing what is sure to be another smash hit to the cinematic world with the upcoming release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, due in theaters May 1, 2015. Director and writer Joss Whedon was enlisted for the film, much to the joy of comic book fans. While the bigwigs at Marvel Studios have kept quite a bit about the film under wraps, the full cast has only been announced in recent months. The Avengers: Age of Ultron cast is nothing short of impressive and many of the Marvel favorites will play a role in the film, and this is only half of it.

Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark / Iron-Man)

Robert Downey Jr. has been acting for over four decades with his most recognizable early roles in the ’80s cult hit Weird Science and a season of “Saturday Night Live.” His career quickly skyrocketed landing him a primetime appearance on “Ally McBeal.” RDJ’s career never really suffered, but he spent six years in a downward spiral brought on by drugs. He overcame his problem and has triumphed as a true comeback kid taking Hollywood by storm and even making TIME magazine’s “TIME 100” in 2008. Downey has received 18 awards in his career and continues to gain the respect of fans young and old.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver)

His first major role may have been in The Illusionist, but Aaron Taylor-Johnson is most known for his lead role in Kick-Ass, an off-kilter superhero flick. The English born actor has been acting since he was six years old and until his marriage to director Sam Taylor-Johnson, he has been credited for his roles as Aaron Johnson.

Known for his lead role in Kickass, Aaron Taylor-Johnson may feel at home amongst superheroes when he joins the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch)

Elizabeth Olsen may be the lesser-known younger sister of the well known twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, but her endeavors in the acting world are all her own. She played the lead in Martha Marcy May Marlene, in which she was cast just two weeks before filming began.

Not to be outdone by her older sisters, Lizzie Olsen has been carving a career path all her own with her next role as Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Idris Elba (Heimdall)

English-born Idris Elba got his start in television in 1994, but it wasn’t until his 2004 breakthrough role in “The Wire” that he gained real attention. He went on to have noticeable roles in American Gangster, Pacific Rim, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and “Luther,” and his career is only just beginning. Speculation has surrounded Elba as a consideration to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, but neither Eon Productions nor Elba have made any confirmations.

Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill)

Cobie Smulders is most recognizable as her role as Robin on “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM), but the Canadian actress actually started as an international model in high school. So far, Smulders has appeared as Maria Hill in two episodes of the television series “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Best known as Robin Scherbatsky on the hit show How I Met Your Mother, actress Cobie Smulders will reprise her role as Agent Maria Hill in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Chris Hemsworth is undoubtedly most recognizable for his role as Thor, but he’s also had some other notable roles. He got his big screen break in the 2009 film release of Star Trek and also made waves in The Cabin in the Woods and Snow White and the Huntsman. The Aussie born actor’s little brother Liam is making his own waves in “The Hunger Games” films as well.

James Spader (Ultron)

James Spader made waves in the ’80s when he starred in Pretty in Pink and Mannequin and then he kind of disappeared from the limelight. Then in 2002 when Secretary was released, Spader splashed back into the scene before appearing on several television series. Currently he’s starring in the very successful series “The Blacklist.”

Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner / The Hulk)

His rise may have been in the chick flick category with movies like 13 Going on 30 and Just Like Heaven, but Mark Ruffalo’s first big hit was actually Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and he went on to act in several hit drama films including Shutter Island. To give back to the world of theatre and acting, in 2014 Ruffalo joined New York’s New School of Drama as Artist-in-Residence to share his more than 20 years of experience with students and faculty alike.

Mark Ruffalo returns to his role as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Thomas Kretschmann (Baron Wolfgang von Strucker)

Thomas Kretschmann was on his way to be an Olympian swimmer when he started working as an actor. The East Germany born actor has been on the screen since the ’80s but his most notable roles are in U-571, The Pianist, King Kong, Valkyrie, and even a voice role in Cars 2.

Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton / Hawkeye)

Jeremy Renner got his first “acting” job as a domestic disturbance perpetrator role-play for the Los Angeles police department for a cool $50. His name may not be a name you recognize on paper, but he has certainly appeared in plenty of well-known films. The actor has had roles in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, Dahmer, Lords of Dogtown, 28 Weeks Later, The Hurt Locker, The Bourne Legacy, and American Hustle, just to name a few.

Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Zrinka)

Dominique Provost-Chalkley is an English-born actress with an upbringing in the arts. She has appeared on stage in musicals and made her feature film debut in The Seasoning House.

Stan Lee (cameo)

While his role in the film may yet to be known, Stan Lee is the father of Marvel Comics. At 16 ½ years old, Stan Lieber graduated high school early and went to follow his dream as a writer by working for his cousin’s husband at Timely Comics as an assistant. His tasks started as basic errands, but only two years later he made his debut with text filler in Captain America Comics Issue #3, penned under the name Stan Lee (which he would later change to his legal name). Timely Comics would later become Marvel Comics and the legend of Stan Lee was born. He went on to create some of the most well-recognized and beloved characters in comic books and is still very active at the age of 92.

This is just the beginning of the major names you’ll see in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an in-depth look at the rest of the major cast members including Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, and Tom Hiddleston, just to name a few.

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