Paramount Pictures to Release Captive, Starring David Oyelowo


captiveParamount Pictures announced today that they have picked up the worldwide distribution rights to the movie Captive, directed by Jerry Jameson and starring David Oyelowo (Selma) and Kate Mara (“House of Cards”) with plans to release the film on September 18, 2015. 

Based on the book “Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero” written by Ashley Smith with Stacey Mattingly, it tells the story of how Smith, a single mother and recovering drug addict, was taken hostage in her own apartment by alleged rapist Brian Nichols, played in the film by Mara and Oyelowo, respectively. The novel was adapted for the screen by Brian Bird (“Touched by an Angel”).

Oyelowo received a number of awards nominations for his portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr. in last year’s Oscar-nominated Selma, also released by Paramount, and he’s quoted in the press release as saying,“I was drawn to this story because it beautifully illustrates how a broken spirit can be healed by an unexpected source of hope. I feel blessed to be continuing my very fruitful relationship with Paramount.”

Also starring in the film are Michael K Williams, Mimi Rogers, Jessica Oyelowo and Leonor Varela, and it’s produced by Terry Botwick, Jerry Jameson, David Oyelowo and Ken Wales in addition to BN Films’ Alex Garcia, Lucas Akoskin and Katrina Wolfe. Executive producers are Santiago Garcia Galvan, BN’s Jonathan Gray, Elliott Lester, Ralph Winter and Bird. BN fully financed the picture.

Bootlick also offered the following statement in the press release:

“In March of 2005 Ashley’s story captivated the nation on news outlets everywhere. Her story is thrilling and redemptive as God intersected the lives of two very broken people in the most dramatic way. It has been amazing getting to know Ashley and to be working with such fine actors. I’m so pleased to also be partnering with Paramount to bring this authentic encounter to a worldwide audience.”

With AG Studios President Alex Garcia adding: 

“Jerry Jameson has done a fantastic job bringing to life Ashley Smith’s harrowing ordeal and miraculous redemption, and Kate Mara portrays her with phenomenal sensitivity and poignancy. Along with “Nightingale,” “Captive” also represents our second collaboration with the brilliantly talented David Oyelowo. We look forward to continuing this special relationship with David and believe that the film has found the perfect home at Paramount.”

We can assume that the mid-September release and the subject matter means that Paramount may be angling this as a potential awards contender, and we’ll have to see if they decide to premiere the film at one of the early September film festivals, such as Telluride and Toronto.

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