Check Out New Photos from the Mission: Impossible V Set!

Although there were reports earlier today of a halted production, Mission: Impossible V writer and director Christopher McQuarrie was quick to deny rumors that a new ending would be scripted for the upcoming franchise sequel. Now, as new photos from the London set roll it, it seems pretty apparent that production is, indeed, in full swing and the film should be on track for its planned July 31, 2015 release. The below photos don’t seem to reveal any spoilers and should serve as a nice tease for fans looking forward to the big screen return of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. Check them out in the gallery viewer below!

Directed by McQuarrie (The Way of the Gun, Jack Reacher), Mission: Impossible V also stars Jeremy Renner (Marvel’s The Avengers, Kill the Messenger), Alec Baldwin (The Departed, “30 Rock”), Simon Pegg (Star Trek, The World’s End), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction, Dawn of the Dead) Simon McBurney (The Last King of Scotland, The Theory of Everything) and Rebecca Ferguson (Hercules, The Red Tent) and features a screenplay by Will Staples and Drew Pearce.

No plot details for Mission: Impossible V have, as of yet, been released, but check back for updates as soon as they become available.

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