Toy Fair: Check Out LEGO’s Jurassic World Sets!


Jurassic World

Toy Fair 2015 starts today in New York City and got a very early start with an invite to LEGO’s annual breakfast presentation where they were showing off all of their fun new ideas and some of the building sets for 2015. 

There was a lot of exciting stuff, but definitely at the top of the pack were the five sets that LEGO will be releasing to coincide with Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World.

The pinnacle of the new Jurassic World line is the Indominus Rex Breakout, which gives us another look at the new dinosaur being introduced in the upcoming movie. That’s joined by the Raptor’s Rampage and T. Rex Tracker sets, as we well as smaller Pteranodon Capture and Dilophosaurus Ambush sets, all giving us some clue of what we might expect to see in the movie when it opens on June 12.

Also, you might want to make note of some of the mini-figs included in the set with the Indominus Rex set including Zach and Dr. Henry Wu, played by Nick Robinson and BD Wong, the Pteranodon set including a mini-figure of Irrfan Khan’s Simon Masrani, and the Dilophosaurus set including Ty Simpkin’s Gray. You’ll have to get the Raptor Rampage if you want Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady, but you’ll also get Claire, Bryce Dallas Howard’s character.

You can check out the pictures we took of all five sets in the gallery below, and look for a lot more from Toy Fair in the next couple days.