I Am Legend Reaches $458 Million Worldwide


Will Smith’s I Am Legend remained stellar at the foreign box office, easily winning its fourth straight weekend with $36.2 million from 5,000 prints in 47 markets, reports Variety.

The Golden Compass led the rest of the pack with its fourth consecutive second-place finish, grabbing $15 million at 5,600 in 54 territories.

“Legend” and “Compass” have kept international business in the pink for the past month with combined offshore grosses approaching half a billion dollars. “Legend” has earned $218 million internationally, trailing the film’s Stateside total by $22 million ($240.2 million); “Compass” has hit $247 million overseas, nearly four times the domestic gross.

Disney’s National Treasure: Book of Secrets nearly beat “Compass” for second place with $14.7 million at 4,700 in 31 markets, pushing its foreign total to $127.5 million. The sequel’s on track to top Disney’s expectations by finishing well above the $174 million international total for National Treasure.

Fox’s Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem earned $13 million at 4,300. The movie has collected $53 million internationally.

The studio’s Alvin and the Chipmunks added $9.6 million from 4,000 in 50 markets. The movie has amassed $81.4 million; its combined worldwide total has hit a spectacular $270 million.

Disney’s Enchanted took in $7.7 million to push the fantasy’s foreign total to $152.3 million — $35 million ahead of the domestic total — and Paramount’s Bee Movie buzzed up $6.5 million at 4,391 for an international total of $141.5 million.