John Hurt Talks Indiana Jones


Premiere has posted a new interview with John Hurt, who is believed to be playing the father of Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood (he just grinned in the interview when asked) in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, opening May 22. Here’s a clip:

They shot as much as they possibly could, but they had some massive blue screens. There will be CGI, but it’s based on a lot of the stuff that we shot, so it’s not pure CGI. It’s overlayed and so on. Steven does shoot as much as he possibly can and that’s impressive. I mean we shot on five major Hollywood studios. We shot at Downey, Sony, Paramount, Warners, and Universal, either in their studios or the outside lots. We’d do two days here, then trot off and do a week there and then back to this one, while the other sets were being prepared. And the sets were fantastic, full of moving parts and things that all worked. You suddenly realized that you’re almost a puppet. You come on and do your bit, and then you’re off to the next one.

You can read the full interview here!