Fifty Shades of Grey Movie – Fun Facts & Trivia


Fifty Shades of Grey: Fun Facts & Trivia

With the release of Fifty Shades of Grey quickly approaching, we thought we’d cover some titillating facts you can share with your friends while you’re waiting in line at the premier. Show your love for the flick with the most interesting info there is to offer.

Dakota Johnson has been in the acting ‘biz’ for a while.

By now you likely heard that Dakota Johnson is the child of celebrities Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. You may have even known that Melanie Griffith remarried, making Antonio Banderas her stepdad. But did you know that Dakota’s first acting gig was when she was only ten years old? She acted alongside her half-sister, Stella Banderas, as Griffith’s daughters in Crazy in Alabama, which was directed by Antonio Banderas. It was an all-out family affair.

Fifty Shades’ actress Dakota Johnson had her first film debut at the age of 10.

This isn’t Jamie Dornan’s first foray into sexually-charged scenes.

While Jamie Dornan hasn’t appeared in any major blockbusters in the past, some of the roles he’s most known for have included some pretty steamy scenes. In Once Upon a Time, Dornan plays the Sherriff/Huntsman with some TV-acceptable scenes and in Marie Antoinette he cuddles up to Kirstin Dunst as Count Axel Fersen, her devilishly handsome lover.

Fifty Shades’ actor Jamie Dornan comfortable filming steamy scenes after previous role on Marie Antoinette.

Olly Murs believes the story is inspired by his own life.

While he may have been joking during an interview with Marie Claire, Olly Murs found some striking similarities in his own pop star life. Between the original casting of Charlie Hunnam, to Jamie Dornan, and Olly Murs’ opinion of the book, it appears British men have an untold wild side.

The story was originally written as Twilight fan fiction.

As unsettling as it may be, E L James originally set out to write fan fiction about Edward and Bella. Rumors initially swirled that Anastasia and Christian were more personal characters, based on the author and her husband. Her husband, Niall Leonard, set the record straight though. However, another man the author knows, Italian real estate mogul Alessandro Proto, thinks the character is largely based on him – minus the kinky bedroom aspect.

Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired its own product lines.

After your beau takes you to enjoy the flick on opening night (as any truly loving partner would), get the night started right with a bottle of official “Fifty Shades of Grey” wine, available in Red Satin or White Silk. Then it’s time to break out your officially-licensed Pleasure Collection for your own night of fun. Nine months later you can explain the romantic story of your child’s conception with an ‘I’m a product of 50 Shades of Grey’ onesie.

Fifty Shades of Grey inspires creation of themed wine.

If you stay at Damson Dene Hotel, you’re not going to find a bible in the drawer.

While the Bible is still the biggest selling book in the world, one hotel opted to omit it from its bedside drawers. The owner of the UK’s Damson Dene Hotel felt that its guests would enjoy a copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey” instead. It sparked a lot of anger in the United States (and even some hate mail), but it appears guests haven’t complained in the slightest.

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