Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner Will Not Meet in Next Bourne



Those expecting a Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross-crossover in the Untitled Next Bourne Chapter will be sorely disappointed, as series producer Frank Marshall told Collider that Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner’s superspies will not have a rendezvous in the new film.

“We don’t have plans for that,” he said. “You never know. I never say never. But that’s not the plan. They’re on separate tracks.”

“Separate tracks” indicates that there are still plans percolating for Renner’s Cross of The Bourne Legacy to return, though likely not with originally-attached Justin Lin directing as he has moved on to Star Trek 3 at Paramount. Although both Damon and Renner have spoken optimistically about teaming up, the fact is Aaron Cross was a creation of screenwriter Tony Gilroy, and if missives in the press are to be believed, there is no love lost between he and Damon and Greengrass, so they will likely do whatever they can to distance themselves from the spinoff series.

Matt Damon returns to his most iconic role as Jason Bourne in the fifth installment of Universal Pictures’ “Bourne” franchise. Acclaimed director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum, Captain Phillips) also returns for this much-anticipated chapter, and Frank Marshall again produces alongside Jeffrey Weiner for Captivate Entertainment. Greengrass, Damon and Greg Goodman also produce.

The action-thriller is written by Greengrass, Damon and Christopher Rouse, and will be released by Universal on July 29, 2016