Pedro Pascal May Join Matt Damon in Great Wall


PedroAfter making a splash (or is that splatter?) as Oberyn Martell on last season’s “Game of Thrones,” TheWrap reports that actor Pedro Pascal has landed a role opposite Matt Damon in director Zhang Yimou’s epic The Great Wall, which may be the largest film ever shot entirely in China.

This will not be the first time Pascal and Damon have been seen onscreen, as the Chilean actor had a small part in 2011’s The Adjustment Bureau. Pascal’s profile has risen since his tenure as Oberyn, having secured the plum role of Pontius Pilate in Timur Bekmambetov’s Ben-Hur, as well as a lead role in the Pablo Escobar-themed TV series “Narcos.”

Set in 15th century China, The Great Wall is about British warriors who happen upon the hurried construction of the massive wall. As night falls, the warriors realize that the haste in building the wall isn’t just to keep out the Mongols — there is something inhuman and more dangerous.

Bryan Cranston was reported as being considered for a major role in the film, but he has now fallen out of negotiations.

Production is set to begin in spring 2015, with Universal Pictures and Legendary releasing The Great Wall in 3D in the U.S. on Nov. 23, 2016.

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