Surf’s Up! Point Break 2 Closer to Filming

ON learned at the American Film Market (AFM) today that shooting for Point Break 2 will begin mid-2008 in Southeast Asia. The sequel will be financed and executive produced by Singaporean company RGM Entertainment. It will be written and directed by Peter Iliff, who also wrote the first movie.

Point Break 2 picks up from where the original film left off more than 15 years ago. The story will revolve around an ex-professional surfer who enlists in the US Navy and is recruited to track down a criminal gang based in Southeast Asia. The audience will also discover the fate of Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), the surfers’ charismatic leader who was swallowed by a giant killer wave in the final scene of Point Break. Did he really die?

The follow-up is budgeted at $20-30 million.

“I wrote ‘Point Break’ in 1987 when I was still a struggling writer waiting at tables in Malibu,” Iliff said earlier this year, “‘Point Break’ was the turning point and it made my screen writing career. 20 years later, I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity by RGM Entertainment to write the sequel and to make my directorial debut with ‘Point Break 2.'”