Solomon Runs with the Zombies

With a number of irons in the fire, After Dark Films is eyeing to begin production on two original films later this year. This, of course, is in addition to ensuring the Elisha Cuthbert-starring Captivity makes it to theaters – in spite of some recent advertising backlash, prepping this year’s After Dark Horrorfest (scheduled for November) and overseeing the summer releases Skinwalkers and Wristcutters: A Love Story.

“One movie we’re working on is like the zombie version of ‘Underworld,'” After Dark’s Courtney Solomon tells ShockTillYouDrop, but he’s not giving up the title just yet. “It’s a cross between humans and zombies, with a whole new lore and a whole new take on zombies – the powers they have and how fast they move. They’re no longer shambling. They are fast, furious and dangerous and they have a whole emotional side to them and conflict. It’s a completely different take on zombies than anybody’s done.”

Solomon, director of last year’s successful An American Haunting, says he keeps a close eye on horror fan talk and believes the time is now for the worm to turn in the zombie genre. “I like zombie movies, but I think the audience wants a whole new take. I surf the message boards and have had my people do some inquiries, start some conversations on the web to get a feel for what the audience is looking for.”

After Dark’s new zombie endeavor does not have a director yet, but we’ll keep you updated as progress is made.


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