New Line Cinema 2007 Preview

ON has received New Line Cinemas’ 2007 preview, which includes: the return of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 3; the adaptation of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass; the new version of Hairspray; the Jim Carrey thriller The Number 23; and much more.

To view info on each movie, just select the titles, and to see the images, click on ‘View Pics’ (release dates are subject to change):


January 5
Code Name: The Cleaner 

February 23
The Number 23

March 2
Full of It 

March 23
The Last Mimzy 

April 27

July 20

August 10
Rush Hour 3

September 7
Shoot ‘Em Up 

October 12
Martian Child 

October 26
Mr. Woodcock 

December 7
The Golden Compass