ape vs mecha ape poster

Ape vs. Mecha Ape Poster Sets Release Date for Ape vs. Monster Sequel

ComingSoon has some good news for kaiju fans as The Asylum has announced a sequel to its Godzilla vs. Kong mockbuster Ape vs. Monster called Ape vs. Mecha Ape and we have the official poster to debut.

Ape vs. Mecha Ape is directed and written by Marc Gottlieb (Aquarium of the Dead) and will release in select theaters and VOD on March 24, 2023. It stars Tom Arnold (True Lies) Jack Pearson (Pam & Tommy) Anna Telfer (Top Gunner: Danger Zone), and Xander Bailey (Titanic 666). The plot revolves around the military making an A.I. ape that goes awry, which means only Ape can save the day and Chicago from destruction.

Check out the Ape vs. Mecha Ape poster below:

“Recognizing the destructive power of its captive giant Ape, the military makes its own battle-ready A.I., Mecha Ape,” says the synopsis. “But its first practical test goes horribly wrong, leaving the military no choice but to release the imprisoned giant ape to stop the colossal robot before it destroys downtown Chicago.”

Ape vs. Monster was released in 2021 and was directed by Daniel Lusko from a script by George Michael Phillips.


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