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Elizabeth Banks Was Interested in Directing Thor: Ragnarok

Elizabeth Banks is set to premiere her third directed project in 2023’s Cocaine Bear, but prior to that, she attempted to pitch her own take on one of Marvel Studios’ biggest films.

Speaking to Variety, Banks revealed that when directing, she often tries to find her own vision and craft it for the screen, which is why she hasn’t done many high-profile films. However, Banks did note that she was “really interested” in directing the 2017 Marvel Studios film Thor: Ragnarok, going so far as to trying to get a chance to pitch her idea for the film to Marvel.

“And nothing ever happened,” Banks said, saying that “a call was made” about the possibility of her pitching to Marvel, but that nothing ever came out of it and the job went to Taika Waititi. “No one called me [back], Taika Waititi got the job. Rightfully so.”

While it’s unknown what Banks’ take on Ragnarok would have been, the version that eventually made it to the theater was one that changed the MCU’s version of Thor forever. Instead of the typically stoic and straightforward God of Thunder, audiences were treated to a much more lighthearted and fun-loving character. Banks seemed to connect with that as well, noting that her vibe was similar to how Hemsworth portrayed himself as Thor.

“I have an attraction to the sensibility,” she says. “That character being funny and knowing how good Chris is at making fun of himself, that’s my vibe.”

To date, only four women have directed projects for Marvel Studios, including Anna Boden (alongside Ryan Fleck) on 2019’s Captain Marvel, Cate Shortland with 2021’s Black Widow, Chloé Zhao for 2021’s Eternals, and Nia DaCosta for the upcoming sequel to Captain Marvel, The Marvels.


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