Guy Ritchie Gives Update on Live-Action Hercules Movie

While not much is known about Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Hercules live-action adaptation, the director has recently said that he hopes to finish filming it relatively soon.

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During an appearance at the Red Sea Film Festival (via Screen Daily), Ritchie was asked about his upcoming slate of films and spoke about his various projects coming up next year. When it comes to Hercules, Ritchie said he hopes to make the live-action film “within the next year,” while also saying that he tries to be as busy as possible.

“I want to be as busy as I f—ing can [be],” said Ritchie. “I used to make one movie a year; I’d quite like to make three movies a year. Because I like it, it’s not hard work for me. Even coming here, we wrapped filming at 4:30, you’re on a plane an hour later; you’re here, you start working, you go on a plane, I’ll land, I’ll go back to work. As long as you’re not playing with jet lag too aggressively, I’m f—ing happy doing that.”

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The animated film is notable for going through constant retooling over the many years of development, with 18 credited writers contributing to the final product and Ron Clements and John Musker directing. The cast for the original film also included Danny DeVito (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), James Woods (Videodrome), and Susan Egan (Steven Universe).

Hercules joins a growing list of animated films from the Disney catalog to be getting the live-action treatment from the studio, including MulanAladdin, and The Lion King.


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