Watch How Tim Burton’s Batman Works as a Silent Film

Watch How Tim Burton’s Batman Works as a Silent Film

The silent film era was one of the biggest and most influential in the history of film. Despite sound now being used in movies, one fan of Tim Burton’s Batman gave the iconic film a silent makeover, turning it into a film fit for the 1920s.

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Documentary filmmaker Ben Crew took to Twitter earlier this week to showcase an edit of Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman that he had made. Crew took the film’s audio out and gave it a bit of a style tweak to make it match the silent films of old, and also praised Burton’s storytelling and visual abilities by noting how well the film worked without sound.

A Twitter account dedicated to the film also appeared this week, showcasing the film in full (albeit cut into short videos), as well as a poster for the project, which you can see below:

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For those looking to watch the film in its entirety, Crew has also uploaded the work to the Internet Archive, where fans can watch it or download it for themselves. The total runtime of the project is just over two hours, and judging by the small clips available across social media, the level of attention and detail paid to the edit is more than worth the watch.


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