Sonic Prime Clip Shows Shadow, Sonic Frontiers Animated Special Incoming

Sonic Prime Clip Shows Shadow, Sonic Frontiers Animated Special Incoming

Instead of having an E3-like presentation for its whole slate, Sega held a Sonic Central stream that focused on all things Sonic the Hedgehog. While it had information about the Blue Blur’s upcoming merch and cameos, the stream also showed a sneak peek of Sonic Prime, the upcoming animated Netflix series, as well as an animated special that’s supposed to a prequel to Sonic Frontiers.

The Sonic Prime clip doesn’t show much, but does reveal Shadow the Hedgehog running around at high speeds. The show still has no release date and was only listed as “coming soon” in the stream.

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The Sonic Frontiers Prologue clip was even shorter, only showing Knuckles for a few seconds before cutting out. Sonic Frontiers Prologue will be an animated special that takes place before the events of the main game. The stream didn’t contain a specific release date, but it will come out before the release of Frontiers later this year.

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The whole Sonic Central mostly only contained small bits and pieces for Sonic fans, as exemplified by the Sonic Frontiers gameplay snippet that only showed the hedgehog speed around some flying metallic dragon-like beings before cutting. Sonic will be coming to Fall Guys and Roblox. Sega also reminded people of Sonic Origins‘ imminent release later this month on June 23. There are also a few Sonic-branded items coming, like Jakks Pacific toys, an Xbox Razer controller, Moor Art prints, Hype clothing, First 4 Figures, Pez dispensers, an EXG controller holder, Neamedia statues, a Bellfine figure, and more. The Sonic symphony is also coming back “soon.”


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