Update on the Current Status of Will Smith’s Deadshot Movie

Update on the Current Status of Will Smith’s Deadshot Movie

Will Smith’s status in various future Hollywood projects is up in the air following his Oscars incident with comedian Chris Rock. This includes a potential Deadshot standalone film that had already been placed on pause.

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According to a recent report from Rolling Stone, it was noted that DC had been developing a standalone film for Deadshot starring Smith. However, it noted that the film had been “put on the backburner” long before the now-infamous tiff between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

The report mentions that the reason for the film’s pause in development stemmed from Smith’s asking price for the film. According to Rolling Stone, Smith simply priced himself out of the movie, although it’s unclear exactly how much Smith was asking for to be in the film. Rolling Stone did mention that Smith received $20 million for his work on King Richard, a role which won him the Oscar for Best Actor.

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Smith starred alongside Margot Robbie in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, which that debuted to mixed reviews. While a second entry in the franchise was made, Smith ultimately decided to step away from the role, with the studio replacing him with Bloodsport (played by Sonic 2 star Idris Elba) for the James Gunn-directed project.


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