A Day to Die Trailer Starring Bruce Willis

Exclusive A Day to Die Trailer Starring Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon

ComingSoon is excited to debut the A Day to Die trailer. The action film stars Bruce Willis (Die Hard, The Sixth Sense), Kevin Dillon (Entourage), and Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War) in the main roles. Vertical Entertainment releases the film on March 4, 2022 in select theaters and everywhere On Demand.

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The film sees Willis playing a corrupt police chief, while Dillon is an ex-military ops officer named Conner Connolly that owes a local gang leader $2 million for his kidnapped wife. Grillo’s character leads Conner’s crew that reunite for a series of heists.

Check out the A Day to Die trailer below:

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“Ex-military ops officer Conner Connolly (Kevin Dillon) has one day to pay $2 million in reparations to a local gang leader in order to save his kidnapped wife,” says the official synopsis. “With her life on the line, Conner must recruit his old crew, led by Brice Mason (Frank Grillo), to pull off a series of dangerous heists to repay the money he owes and settle a score with the city’s corrupt police chief (Bruce Willis). In a race against time, the crew must rely on their tactical training and brotherhood to save themselves and those who matter most.”

A Day to Die is directed by Wes Miller from a script by Rab Berry and Scott Mallace.


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