Kyle Richards to Reprise Lindsey Wallace in Blumhouse’s Halloween Ends

Following her return to the Halloween franchise in this year’s Halloween Kills, Variety brings word that Kyle Richards has officially finalized the deal for her return in David Gordon Green’s forthcoming third installment titled Halloween Ends. Richards will be once again be reprising her role as Lindsey Wallace, a character that she first played at the age of eight in the original 1978 horror classic.

“We are thrilled that Kyle will be reprising her role in Halloween Ends,” Jason Blum said in a statement. “The return of iconic characters in Halloween Kills was really important to David Gordon Green, and he took great pains to bring back the original actors when he could.”

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According to the outlet’s sources, the creative team decided to write an expanded storyline for Lindsay Wallace, due to the great fan responses to her return in the sequel. Filming is currently slated to begin early next year.

“The last movie, I saw Jamie on the set, but we didn’t have stuff together. So I’m really hoping that there is more stuff together,” Richards said. “I can’t talk about any storylines, but all I can say is that we start filming in January, and I’m so excited to return with Jamie Lee Curtis and David Gordon Green.”

Described as a more contained movie, Halloween Ends will once again be directed by David Gordon Green. Franchise lead Jamie Lee Curtis will also be returning to reprise her iconic role as Laurie Strode. The film is slated to debut in theaters on October 14, 2022.

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Set in 2022, the story is expected to feature a four-year time jump after the events of the first two films. Green previously revealed that the threequel will most likely include some real-world events such as the pandemic.


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