David Dastmalchian to Join Cast of True Crime Pic Boston Strangler
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David Dastmalchian to Join Cast of True Crime Pic Boston Strangler

David Dastmalchian is set to join the cast of 20th Century Studios’ film Boston Strangler, according to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter.

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Dastmalchian will join a cast that already has some big names, including Keira Knightley, Carrie Coon, Alessandro Nivola, and Chris Cooper. According to the report, Dastmalchian will play someone that is being described as “a pivotal, undisclosed role.” Filming for Boston Strangler is set to begin next month in Boston.

For Dastmalchian, this will mark another big role in a year that has been filled with them. Recently, Dastmalchian starred in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad as The Polka-Dot Man, a breakout role of sorts that launched him into even more stardom. Dastmalchian also had a role in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, and will also star in The Last Voyage of Demeter, a film that’s set to release in January 2023.

The Boston Strangler movie will be written and directed by Matt Ruskin, who conducted in-depth research on McLaughlin and Jean Cole by tracking down their families and studying their actual investigation of the murders. It will be produced by Ridley Scott and Kevin Walsh for Scott Free, and LuckyChap Entertainment’s Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara. The project will be overseen by Scott Free’s Sam Roston, LuckyChap’s Bronte Payne, and 20th Century Studios’ Sarah Shepard.

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“Based on the infamous Boston Strangler murders, this is the true story of Loretta McLaughlin, the first reporter to connect the murders and break the story of the Strangler,” reads the synopsis. “She and fellow reporter Jean Cole challenged the sexism of the early 1960s to report on the city’s most notorious serial killer and worked tirelessly to keep women informed. Loretta pursued the story at great personal risk and uncovered corruption that cast doubt on the true identity of the Boston Strangler.”


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